A robot that builds other robots and learns to make them better

Yes, we have seen that in some other film, and it never ends well for humanity …

In they have published information about a robot created by researchers at Cambridge University and ETH Zurich, which builds small robots (plastic blocks with motors) and analyzes their subsequent performance to improve the technique.

The robot mom, as you can see in the video below, evaluates the best cube-child and uses its characteristics to add them in the following sequence of robot-children, inspired by the natural evolution of all life.

The goal, according to its creators, is to build creative robots that could be used to accelerate and optimize design and innovation processes. They believe that a robot can be an inventor, not just an executor of repetitive tasks, so this is only a first step.Each robot child has a genome (a reconfigurable program code) made up of a combination of one to five different genes (code, of course), which stores information that is further processed. What is analyzed is the time it takes each child to travel a given space, always choosing the fastest.

The mother robot can build a robot in one hour, and it can work for 24 hours straight, so it can create hundreds of robots where each one is slightly better than the previous one.

Now they want to collaborate with civil engineers to use this technique in the housing construction sector, so we will surely hear about them in the future.

We leave you with the video: