A smart, connected and savings-focused shower

When we go to shower we usually waste water while we wait for it to come out at the right temperature. Putting your hand under the shower while controlling the faucet hoping it is hot enough is a daily activity, something that wastes an enormous amount of water and can be avoided.

That is the proposal of Livin, a smart shower that appears on the Kickstarter very close to its goal, a shower that receives orders from the mobile phone to quickly set the temperature so that it automatically alerts when everything is ready.

Livin has different profiles for each user in the house. We can configure it to prepare a different shower for one or the other, so that Livin heats the shower and pauses the stream once the water temperature reaches the goal of each profile.

Once inside the shower, unnecessary water flow is also avoided, as you can pause and resume the shower without losing temperature. They have an algorithm that controls it so that it uses the least amount of time to reach the objective, thus minimizing waste.

It also integrates with music apps, such as Spotify, to play our favorite songs while we shower, and has a recipe system to configure temperature variations as we finish.

Although its market price will be more than 500 dollars, those who are contributing in the campaign are getting units for 300, although it will only start to be delivered in October of this year.