A video editor with AI, to easily adapt videos to the vertical format

A video editor with AI, to easily adapt videos to the vertical format

Adapting videos from a traditional horizontal format to a vertical aspect ratio is a very typical problem of our times. Nowadays, what you need to upload to YouTube or Facebook also needs to be present on Instagram or TikTok.

A solution for cases like this is offered by Kamua, a cloud-based video editor that, among other functions, has the ability to automatically trim the clips you edit to a new aspect ratio, thanks to an Artificial Intelligence in charge of executing this task without losing sight of what really matters.

Change aspect ratio of a video automatically

Kamua is a video editing tool different from what we are used to, since it runs from the browser. Its main advantage is the possibility of automatically making interesting parts of the audiovisual production process. All this, without software downloads or file synchronization.

Another advantage is that to work with this alternative you do not need advanced editing experience (only basic notions to adapt to the interface), nor large workstations with powerful hardware, since everything is processed remotely.

This editor is presented as an option to automate this process, since the Artificial Intelligence present at the heart of this software is in charge of tracking objects and key points in the filmed shots, to track them and ensure a correct framing on the screen. All this, through a process called AutoCrop.

As this process is faster than its handmade equivalent, it is emerging as an excellent alternative for those who often work with audiovisual material of the most diverse categories and who today face the different format requirements of each platform.

The result provided by the AI ​​is a proposal only, since if you are not satisfied with the results obtained, you can correct them on your own.

Advanced editing without previous experience

In itself, the functions that Kamua offers for editing video clips do not differ much from what is usually found in other applications of this type, especially in computer editors that are somewhat more advanced.

The advantage that Kamua offers lies in its AI, which cannot only adapt videos to the vertical format. Its AutoCut function automatically cuts your video into its component clips, so you can go directly to the editing process. In other words, if you have some long video shots or if you want to rescue some scenes from an already edited product, this tool will take care of separating all the pieces that make up that montage, so that you can rescue only those parts that serve you at the time of editing. , saving you the previous work of material selection.

Adding a subtitle is usually a cumbersome task, but with this editor the process can be automated and afterwards, correcting the result if necessary.

Another important detail is that this tool allows you to work both with the elements that you upload from your computer to your own cloud or with material that you can link directly from some other web source.

In itself, the platform is intuitive, as it closely resembles what is usually found among video editors. However, if you are not experienced enough, you can access a series of video tutorials provided by Kamua and a support staff who promise to help you adapt to the process.

This application can be tried for free, but the export of videos is restricted to the sample of a watermark in them and also, other functions, such as those listed above, have limits. Their Payment plans They are offered for rates starting at $ 25 per month.

If you want to know this tool and even try it for yourself, you can find it at Kamua.com.