A website to record and share screams

Yelling is good, it relaxes, and I’m not saying it, a lot of specialized literature says it in letting out frustrations.

This is indicated on, a website that promotes Iceland, and that encourages us to shout and share that moment with other people.

The web has been created by a therapist and mental health consultant who indicates that yelling has been considered a therapeutic tool since the 1970s. It is considered a way to release emotion, and the psychological response to wanting to yell illuminates a part of our brains called amygdala. Amygdala kicks in when we’re under threat, something we’ve all experienced in the last few months in quarantine.

Among the information that we can find on the web indicates that part of the beneficial effect of yelling comes from being able to make a loud noise in a wide, open and undisturbed space. But you have to know how to shout correctly:

1. Consider what your scream will be. Some people will use volume, some will use words, some may even use breathing. 2. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, slightly bend your knees. Relax your shoulders. It may be helpful to put your hands on your hips or use your arms to help withdraw some of the pent-up emotions. Follow your instincts 3. Imagine a baby crying and screaming. The noise comes from the baby’s belly. That’s where the scream should come from. If it helps, put your hands on your belly and take breaths before you start. This is a starting point, we can already record on the web.

We can hear screams from others, and start recording our own to share with the world.