sugerencias de Anime

A website with anime recommendations from those you already saw and / or like

Do you want to enjoy a good Anime but have you finished reviewing the most popular ones? Are you interested in a special anime genre but have you still come up short in series to see? Do you want places to see Anime in high quality?

If your answer to any of the previous questions is affirmative, you will probably be interested in, a website that recommends Anime for you to see from one that you already liked or have already taken a look at.

The idea is to enter the name or keyword of an Anime and see how the suggestions are displayed in the form of cards in an interactive gallery. Each card will feature the synopsis of the referenced Anime, links to view its chapters in high quality from legal sites including Hulu and Crunchyroll – and a button for more suggestions.

It is worth mentioning that the drawer in which the searches are entered has a menu to filter the suggestions by popularity, novelty, relevance and randomness.

That yes, the personalization of the results is present with a system of favorites with prior registration – in addition to a space of personal recommendations from a panel in which you will have to enter a list of Anime already seen accompanied by star ratings from 1 to 10 to optimize work.

The possibility of having titles in Japanese and an advanced search panel to filter by genres, years of publication and number of chapters complement this gem for lovers of this rich style of animation. [Go: AddictiveTips]