About affiliate marketing

About affiliate marketing

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to get in touch with some professionals from Affilinet Spain to talk about affiliate marketing. Teresa Sacristn, a spokeswoman for the company’s marketing department, offered to explain it in the form of an article.

Here I leave it:

The keys to affiliate marketing

by Teresa Sacristn, Affilinet Espaa

He affiliate marketing It is a practice of online marketing based on results, in which 3 main actors take part: advertiser, affiliate and affiliate platform. Through this practice, advertisers offer remuneration to a series of affiliates for the achievement of certain goals such as sales, registrations or clicks, through the affiliate platform, which acts as a meeting point for each other.

The concept was first used by PC Flower & Gifts in 1989, but possibly the best-known early example was Amazon, which launched its affiliate program in 1996 and has been taken as a global benchmark.

Since then affiliation has spread as an increasingly popular practice, especially for online stores, as it is one of the most effective ways to reach specific targets, as it offers advertisers not only segmented online advertising, but, above all, the possibility of direct online sales. Through the websites of its affiliates, the store can quickly benefit from a virtual sales network, creating a highly effective distribution channel.

At the same time, and from the point of view of the affiliate, this practice is a source of extra income for many Webmasters, bloggers, supports, etc. who act as online distributors or specifiers in exchange for a commission. To carry out this work, the affiliates have different tools or means of promotion with which to optimize the obtaining of these results, such as:

Product Catalog: digital inventory of all or part of the products that an advertiser sells, and that includes additional information about them such as a deep link to the location of the product on the website, an image, description, price, etc. This information can be used and updated by the affiliate on its site to promote and facilitate the sale of these products among its users.

API: the same concept as the Product Catalog, but with automatic and real-time updating of the information, price and stock of the products. Mainly applied to tourism products such as flights and hotel reservations.

Discount codes: code that the affiliate offers its users almost exclusively so that they receive a discount on a specific product or online store in general.

Internal webservice: allows the affiliation platform data to be crossed with the technology used by the affiliate (in case they use their own technology).

eReach: technology that makes it possible to measure sales based on impacts or impressions (post-view) instead of the usual post-click, which facilitates the conversion to sale for the affiliate.

Battery of creatives, including search boxes, comparators and email marketing formats

Text links

– Etc

The biggest advantage of the platforms is that they are in constant development, since it is a sector that requires dynamism and continuous innovation, offering, as is the case with affilinet, new tools and resources to optimize and monitor sales.

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