About Cortana voice assistant and how it will expand globally with Windows 10

One of the most striking features of Windows 10 is that it comes with Cortana, Microsoft's already known voice assistant on Windows Phone.

Of course, this will represent a huge change in the interaction of millions of users because from their desktops and as they already do with Cortana for Windows Phone, with Google Now on Android and / or Siri on iOS, they can create their voice Reminders, search for geolocated information, know weather forecasts, find out news, learn concepts, review traffic data and, in general, have plenty of useful and personalized information on hand.

For all of the above, and for other extraordinary functions such as finding Office documents quickly and up to date, in addition to synchronization with mobile phones (iOS, Android and Windows Phone), Cortana takes second place, after the familiarity of the system. , in the list of 10 reasons to switch to Windows 10 that with articles and videos Microsoft has begun to promote:

The common thing when trying to reach so many millions of users in the blink of an eye is that the complications are also numerous, then, a plan is needed to extend most of Cortana's functionalities to the entire world, a plan that they already have pretty clear at Microsoft.

Cortana and her expansion

United States, United Kingdom, China, France, Italy, Germany and Spain They will be the first 7 countries that will receive regional compatibility with Cortana for Windows 10 from July 29 (date of launch of such an operating system), that is, they will have a wide arsenal of geolocated functions adapted, for example, to social characteristics and cultural aspects of each region: voices, accents, language, humor, information of interest, available data, etc.

After the first months and at least within the Windows Insiders program, Cortana will arrive for users of Japan, Australia, Canada and India, and already at the end of the year it will expand to Brazil, Mexico and Canada (for the French language). It is then expected that for the rest of the world the full version will appear from next year as well as the idea of ​​having general versions of Cortana while such geolocated and much more personalized improvement arrives.

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