about: flags - The experiments that Google Chrome hides

about: flags – The experiments that Google Chrome hides

If you are Google Chrome users and write about: flags In the address bar, you will see some experimental functions that we can activate in the browser.

Among them, and analyzing those that I consider most interesting, we have:

Side tabs

Add an entry Use side tabs to the context menu of the tab bar. It can be used to toggle between the tabs on the top (default) and the tabs on the side. This is useful on full screen monitors.

Background web applications

Allows installed web applications to run in the background when the system starts and to continue running after all windows have been closed.


This is ideal to be able to test the 3D navigation through the human body that I presented to you a few days ago.

Enable canvas elements to use 3D graphics through the WebGL API.

Cloud Print Proxy

Enables a background service that connects the Google Cloud Print service to any printer installed on this computer. Once this experimental function has been enabled, you can activate Google Cloud Print by logging in with your Google account through Options / Preferences in the Advanced section.

As you can see, there are many and very interesting services available, ideal for those who are not afraid to experiment.

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