About Marketing in social networks

About Marketing in social networks

It is true that one of the main concerns surrounding entrepreneurship is limited to the investment item. We are witnessing a structural change whose main exponent is found in online businesses.

What is the investment required to implement a successful social media marketing strategy?

To establish an adequate answer to this question, it is necessary to define the concept of success in social networks. We speak of a successful marketing campaign in social networks when the brand experiences a progressive consolidation, when the traffic to the products or services offered increases, when there is a real connection and interaction of the users with the contents, when the users are the ones who they determine what their needs and interests are and the brand is capable of responding with the dynamism inherent in the model, adapting its business to the identified needs and interests.

Non-pecuniary investment

There is no doubt that a marketing campaign on social networks requires an investment that, although it is much smaller than any traditional marketing campaign, it is convenient to confuse the concepts in order to have a good starting point; Marketing in social networks is expensive, although the parameters on which this statement is based are not merely economic, but rather in terms of commitment, perseverance and perseverance in the relationship with potential clients.

Time, your best resource

The execution of a marketing strategy in social networks requires huge amounts of time and although there are intuitive, easy-to-use and -mostly- free tools, the generation of contacts, the interaction with users and the loyalty of the clients with the brand, it is a job that requires time and permanent dedication. We are therefore talking about the cost of connectivity. To get started and before diving into the different applications and platforms created ad-hoc, it is important to keep in mind that the main resource you will need to be successful in a social media marketing strategy is your time. Time that should be allocated to the analysis of the competition and the identification of the added value of the brand and the generation of content that responds to the identified needs and interests.

Content, the power of communication

Content is the main variable on which the new business model is based, and therefore, the new online marketing. Created and developed from the study and thought to serve as a starting point for new conversations, new alliances and identification of new interests that continue to complete the social spider web. The creation of the content comes from the professional knowledge, the approach, the maturation and the creativity inherent and unique to the human being. The key to success in a social media marketing strategy lies in the first instance – in two fundamental areas; constant presence and generation of dialogue among members of the community associated with the brand through content. The time required to analyze the ROI should focus on aspects that differ from the initial investment, the tools, resources and utilities are actually free, however the actions required to be successful have a perfectly measurable and real cost.

Free and effective resources and utilities, great allies of success

Established the basic premise of perseverance, commitment and dedication, as essential elements to achieve success in a marketing strategy, let’s evaluate the advantages associated with free resources that facilitate success in a marketing strategy. Without forgetting more specialized tools such as the 100 that we discussed weeks ago to monitor Social Media, some extremely basic ones are: – Bit.ly: We start with the URL optimizer, essential if we take into account that the maximum length of the messages cannot exceed the 140 characters on which Twitter is based. – Alexa: Tracking the traffic associated with a Web portal. – Google Analytics: Web Analytics to track visits. – Google Trends: Identify the most popular searches on the Internet. – Socialoomph: Profile management in social networks – Hootsuite: Monitoring tool that allows the management of accounts and profiles of social networks. – Ping.fm: Updating of actions and new content on social networks simultaneously. – Socialmarket: Sending different URLs to social networks – SocialMention: Searches for results associated with social networks and allows the activation of different alert services associated with email.

Conclusions, balance between profits and constant work

With these tools, optimize your resources for and, if accompanied by constant dedication and permanent commitment to the evolution of the production model and the satisfaction of needs and interests of your potential clients, you will be able to verify with satisfaction how any marketing campaign in social networks will increase your reputation online, consolidate your brand presence and provide you with an effective and sustained return on your investment. ‚ÄĒ Written by Carolina Velasco, SEO consultant. Iconshock.com icons