About the 2010 Robertus Fanta Scholarship and Community Managers Award

About the 2010 Robertus Fanta Scholarship and Community Managers Award

Robertus is a contest proposed by Fanta through which 3 people are offered the opportunity to get a little closer to their dreams of becoming authentic surfers, community managers or deejays.

Thus, these 3 people are awarded grants with a trip to San Francisco in one of these disciplines, DJ, Surf and Community Manager, through an online call, allowing those chosen to learn from the hand of 3 exceptional tutors.

This summer the people of Vice (Magazine) went to the United States to shoot their alternative Erasmus with the winners of the Fanta Robertus competition, taking these lucky ones and introducing them to some of their heroes: the masters of Glitch-glam. LA Riots, the living legend of surfing Brad Gerlach and the commander in chief of VICE, Suroosh Alvi.

I was watching the Community Manager video, where Suroosh Alvi and the lucky winner who gain the experience appears, and I see how important it is to educate today’s society to understand the work of Community Manager, an extremely complex profession that is often not valued. enough, leaving it in the hands of people not very trained for this task.

Being a Community Manager requires diplomacy, nerves of steel, above average time management skills, concentration, self-discipline‚Ķ something that I certainly couldn’t do before finishing a yoga course of at least 3 years.