About the new design of Facebook pages

About the new design of Facebook pages

The new one arrives by email Facebook Gazette announcing the news of the month, among which are the new design created for the pages, giving a more similar look to the profile pages.As of March 10, all Facebook pages will have a new design and functions with the The objective of improving the relationship with our fans. Among the novelties it stands out:

Show the most recent photos

The most recent photos that you post on your wall or the photos in which you tag your page will appear here. This section will not include photos posted by your fans.

More accessible navigation panel

The navigation links are now on the left margin, as in user profiles.

Show the most prominent posts on the wall

Now you have two filters on the wall. You can show the publications of your page and the most outstanding publications of all users. This second filter is new and helps users see the most interesting stories first. As an administrator, you will have access to more filters to see the publications that are made on your page. To set a default filter for the page wall, go to Edit Page.

I use Facebook as our page

Now you have the flexibility to use other areas of Facebook as a page, not as a user. Receive notifications when fans interact with your page or your posts, see the activity of the pages you like in the latest news, click the Like button on other pages to appear on yours, and comment as a page (not as a page). user) on other pages.To try this new feature, click this link or go to Account and click Use Facebook as page.

We also have a New configuration, where we can choose the default configuration of email notifications and the mode of publishing content on our page (as a user or as a page). We can also choose the featured pages that we want to display in the left column.