About Twitter's business model

About Twitter’s business model

Figures are information in this new social era, in the 2.0 ecosystem where emotions are as relevant as numbers, where reputation is as relevant as the goods, services and products on offer, Twitter has clearly received the message from users and focuses its efforts on optimizing its business model. The truth is that the social network is consolidated as one of the platforms with the highest level of content update, this has led to what is beginning to consolidate as Twitter SEO, where users can access the first 1,500 results limited only by quality and timeliness. Faced with this decision by the social network to take a further step in updating and adapting to user requirements, Twitter is consolidating itself as an optimal platform for all business models where propagation is essential to reach a growing number. of interested users, not in vain, the big brands allocate huge amounts of staff to promote their actions on the social network every minute.

Information for brands, integration and maturation of the social network

The launch of new products, businesses or ideas has its most efficient platform on Twitter, specifically due to the speed with which information is transmitted.Consultants and companies in search of new professionals find Twitter the most profitable and fastest platform for interaction.In short, we can conclude that, if Twitter establishes a new business model in which tweets are themselves advertising elements likely to be marketed by advertisers, searches will be optimized, managing to establish a business model whose efficiency is exclusively related to the quality of the content, 140 characters and more than 75 million daily tweets, more than 75 million published short articles On the social network, it is not surprising that Twitter’s new business model opens the doors to greater understanding by brands.

Although it is true that the innovation required by the social network seems to be well on the way if it focuses on the conversion of content into advertising elements themselves, it will depend on searches, for which improvements in the search engine are essential, these are the great challenges facing Twitter.

Finally, we can establish that the updating of the business model adopted by the social network is a starting point for more and more brands to bet on the optimization of propagation and virality, the unlimited amount of opportunities that lie behind While the natural evolution caused by the dying trilogy of the old economy Рthe emergence of the social cycle technological innovation Рcontinues to move towards its maturation process, businesses integrated into Twitter should begin to glimpse their presence through content, as an advertising strategy in itself, they should fight for the added value that differentiates them from the competition and bet on innovation and constant creativity. Finally, their own reflection, evolution tends to convergence or does it not seem to you?… it is possible to glimpse a certain concordance between the Google algorithm, the efi science of marketing on Facebook and the new Twitter business model, it is possible to specify that the commitment to quality and efficiency is imposed throughout the social network. There are many currents that establish metaphors between brands that do not dialogue and do not have social presence, brands that do not bet on the efficiency of information and communication, brands that do not exercise an active action in pursuit of the growth of the model and extinction It is more than a reality that the 2.0 ecosystem is a new beginning, a new starting point a new business in itself.Social and semantics, marketing and advertising, community and loyalty some of the reasons why the social networks par excellence, Facebook and Twitter, should walk as complementary in this journey towards the maturation of the social cycle.