Accomplish, to plan our day and improve our productivity from Android

Accomplish is a new application for Android that offers us an interesting way to plan our day.

It combines characteristics of different popular productivity applications to offer us a planning system that allows us to drag and drop to organize the pending tasks that we want to carry out during the day.

On the one hand, it offers us a space to make a list of all the pending tasks that we have. And if we want to classify them in some way, we can use some of the 9 colors that we will find in the app.

And on the other hand, we will have a daily view of the calendar to organize the tasks that we have on our list. We just have to drag and drop at the time we plan to do it.

We can very easily adjust the time we think it will take us to carry out the activity, as well as customize the notifications. At the indicated time, we will receive a notification with the options to postpone or discard the reminder.

It is ideal for those users who do not want to complicate themselves with too many options and prefer a system that allows them to organize in the short term and track their productivity.

The app is new and you still need to polish some details, but it is a quick, visual and simple way to organize the tasks of the day.