AdByMe - Another way to advertise on social media

AdByMe – Another way to advertise on social media

There are many websites that try to take advantage of Twitter Y Facebook as advertising platforms and make money with it, as is the case with AdByMe.

This simple website has caught my attention because of the system it uses to encourage users to spread advertising messages from different brands, since in a way it makes it a game and seeks to bring out our most creative side.

Its mechanics are very simple, once registered and logged in, we can choose the brand of one of the sponsors by clicking on it. Then they will give us the option to choose the social account that we will use to post our message (Twitter or Facebook).

Once selected, AdByMe generate a custom URL for us, next to which we will have to write our little slogan, which should be as catchy as possible, since if we get our URL to be among the three most clicked we will get a voucher to buy on Amazon.

This type of award may not be the best claim and I have not been able to test it yet to verify it, but I also find this system very interesting to interest users and achieve more successful advertising campaigns through social media. What do you think? Do you like the idea?