AddressBookOne - centrally manage your contacts

AddressBookOne – centrally manage your contacts

AddressBookOne is another of the online alternatives that users have to centralize and manage our own contacts. It is a simple and functional application in which it puts at our disposal a multitude of functions to manage our contacts, starting from scratch or importing the contacts of up to three connectors or sources to choose from, if we have opted for the free version.

In addition, we can search, access and edit the information on the file of each contact, we can create different groups and enter them, we can merge several contact files in a single file, hide those contacts for whatever reasons, highlight them and little else in the accounts free. In payment accounts, it also allows us to synchronize the contacts with those of our mobile terminals, use more connectors or sources, and even have a premium option.

Options are missing such as the possibility of importing and exporting through CSV files for example, or as other applications use, that the contact files can be edited by themselves creating their own accounts. By itself AddressBookOne not bad, although it could be endowed with more functions to create more value, come on, it seems little to me compared to other services.