Adidas buys Runtastic, the famous app for those who do sports

They published a news on the Runtastic blog that we did not expect: they have sold the project to the Adidas group.

Runtastic was created just five years ago and they have achieved tremendous success in their category, and they say they will continue to work to stay on top as they will continue to work on more ideas, products and optimizations. They have not indicated the amount, so it is not possible to know to what extent Adidas has invested in this mobile application.

With this new owner they will be able to build, as they comment in the note, a new category of products, surely within what we know as wearables, although they have not specified any specific example of their short-term objective (although it is easy to imagine slippers that communicate with the mobile to indicate data about the journey).

Runtastic will continue to be its own entity within the adidas Group, they will continue to work in the offices in Austria and San Francisco, so no great change is expected from the user's point of view.

Surely, with this purchase, Adidas will be able to compete better with Nike, another very strong brand in the technological world. Hopefully the integrations become really innovative.

Update: They report in businessinsider that the purchase exceeded 200 million dollars.