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Adobe adds a number of improvements to Adobe Target

Adobe has made public those improvements it has made to Adobe Target, its content testing and customization platform belonging to the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Image: Adobe

According to the company, with these improvements they want to help each vendor, regardless of the skill level they have, to develop effective testing and optimization activities, in real time, taking them to all possible channels and devices using the best set of technologies. of the platform. In this sense, it should be noted that Adobe Target allows sellers to offer highly personalized experiences to physical spaces such as stores, vending machines, devices of the so-called Internet of Things, even to car dashboards, among others.

Enhancements included include: in-depth trend data, increased level of mobile engagement through optimization, automation towards scale efforts, democratization of testing and optimizations, as well as taking testing beyond the home page.

Adobe notes that two-thirds of Fortune 50 are customers of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, currently supporting some 41 billion annual transactions. He adds that Adobe Target powers more than two and a half million daily interactions with customers from a variety of industries, including financial services, the media, publishing, travel companies, and many more.

With these enhancements, Adobe hopes that vendors can bring successful global optimization programs to fruition using best practices on implementation, execution, strategy, and governance.