Against the Wind and Tide - step into the shoes of a refugee

Against the Wind and Tide – step into the shoes of a refugee

Against the odds is an interactive online adventure designed for young people by UNHCR, the UN agency for refugees, in order to inform and educate students about refugees: where they come from, what situations they have to face and how they adapt to their new lives.

In this exciting game, the participant experiences the flight of a young man, from oppression in his country of origin to exile in the country of asylum. To do this, he must choose an avatar and start an adventure that forces him to make continuous decisions and experience the consequences of these, sometimes positive and sometimes not so much.

The website offers informative material, exercises and discussion topics for teachers that can be used as a complement to the game in the ordinary classroom.

Forced migrations can be a relevant topic of discussion within subjects such as geography, literature, art, social sciences and history, so they are perfect for working on Basic competencies of Secondary Education students.

The game scenarios are very well done and the plot is absolutely unpredictable, as it is marked by the choices that the young man makes. It is therefore a very useful and entertaining tool to grow and develop as a person while having a good time playing.