Airbnb experiments with a new service to offer a more complete experience

Airbnb, the well-known platform that makes it possible to rent private accommodation, is also no stranger to experiments with users with the aim of bringing new experiences to their entire community. There are times when some experiments have become new functionalities and other experiments that in the end have only remained in that, experiments. Airbnb is currently testing a new service under which it has sent a series of invitations to users who have been looking for accommodation in the city of San Francisco for the month of December but have not yet made their reservations.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis new service is to provide a much more complete stay experience with local people including a series of routes, included within stays of 3 to 5 nights, based on the interests of the users themselves. As they point out from TNW, in the pilot test they are taking, three options appeared: the exploration of the natural treasures of San Francisco, a gastronomic route and a route called Mission locals to know the most fashionable places in the city itself.According to the draft terms of service, this new service opens the possibility to outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and kayaking, dining activities in San Francisco restaurants, visits to artisan cocktail bars, and meals in the country, as well as personal wellness activities such as yoga and meditation, among others.

The responsibility falls directly between the hosts and guests, as indicated in the contracts themselves, although the hosts can sign a disclaimer for when there are high-risk activities involved, such as skydiving.

The cost of the new service during the testing phase will be $ 500 for a single user and $ 750 for two users. The amount includes the routes as well as a meal. The service is currently in testing and is currently not available to all users.