AirDropper - A must-have resource for Dropbox users

AirDropper – A must-have resource for Dropbox users

Surely few of you are not users of Dropbox, the excellent tool that allows us to share directories and files on our computer as well as synchronize our files between several computers.

The fact is that today I have come across a resource that can be very useful for those of us who use this tool on a daily basis: AirDropper.

It is an application that connects to our dropbox account by creating a new directory. Its objective is to allow anyone to send files directly to our Dropbox area, without having to have an account in that system.

As soon as we start we will have to inform the file we want and the email of its owner. When the destination receives the message, they will have access to a form from where they can upload the requested material, automatically being saved in our Dropbox.

This upload form is password protected, and can be used by anyone to immediately upload files to our account.

Without a doubt, an excellent way to allow our clients to send large files to our computer, without the need to use email.

Link: To create a Dropbox account: