Airpnp, the Airbnb of public toilets

We have at our disposal millions of applications that take care of finding us restaurants, interesting points, bars, parks near us … but, what about basic needs, such as going to the toilet when we are at a public event or on the street ?

The technology takes care of our biological comfort as well and Airpnp brings us an application to solve the problem of going to the bathroom at a critical moment. It is an experimental service, but the app will serve for businesses and individuals to rent their bathrooms for everyone who wants to use it, also publishing their location so that users can reach the site. We ourselves can add a service on the website, adding photos, price and address in the section Add a place to pee.

The service, which is still a listing of toilets that we have at our disposal in a specific area, show from free public toilets to services in hotels whose entry can cost us up to 10 dollars (that is, paying for luxury). The service will be put to the test through the 2014 Mardi Gras event in New Orleans. By proxy, we can even rate our experience in the chosen toilet.

In case the issue is successful, the ultimate goal is to develop native applications for each system.