Alchemy Project - a fun way to study Environmental Knowledge

Alchemy Project – a fun way to study Environmental Knowledge

Alchemy Project is a computer application created for students in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčSciences, Geography and History of Primary Education, through the collaboration between the Ministry of Education and Science and the Autonomous Communities, within the framework of the Internet Agreement in the School.

This multimedia resource presents a series of teaching units in the form of an interactive experimental laboratory, where students can work on the content they are studying in class at three levels of difficulty that coincide with the three cycles of Primary Education in Spain. However, level three is also applicable to the first cycle of ESO.

On the home page of the project we can find three different work areas, each one aimed at a different type of user: Teachers, Students and Public (students and parents).

The work area for students presents within each scenario five active areas that represent the five large blocks of content into which the area is divided (Health, Living Things, Technology, Geography and History) and from which access to fun interactive games and activities.

Alchemy Project presents 32 learning units, with which all the minimum contents of Primary Education are covered, which is why it is an indispensable help for those students who have passed the course with difficulty or who face the exams in September .