- set email reminders for important events – set email reminders for important events

Some years ago we wrote down our events on loose papers, posits, notebooks or any other place, with the possibility of losing them. Today, with the electronic tools that we have to remember the most important events, who does not remember them is because they want to. is another option for schedule event reminders to be sent to our email address on the dates and with the indicated periodicities.

But Alertful goes beyond simple reminder programming, as it without the need to register as users, we have a series of categories of reminders where they will each take us to their form to fill in the data they ask us, so that when the time comes, they will send us a series of pre-notices and notices about the appointment that we have scheduled, being able to stop from the same email message , the continuity of the reminders in case we have determined a periodicity, such as a birthday for example.

Without a doubt, an interesting option, especially for those of us who check our email accounts on a daily basis.