Alife, a social network to gather friends, family and news about someone who died

We are presented with Alife as a new web project created to share memories of someone who has died, a social network that helps to gather people, news, photos and videos that remember what he did in life, paying homage in an elegant way within www.alife .Social.

With the launch carried out simultaneously in Spain and in the United States, we can also visit profiles of characters that have left their mark on society, with some examples such as the one you see in the screenshot above.

The information is very well structured. In each profile we can see, as if it were a panel of bees, all the content that other people have been including about that person, generating a fairly intuitive page in every way:

It also has mobile applications, where part of its users (they already have 3,000 in its first days of launch) can consult and send information of all kinds.

In addition to offering the social network, they are working on functions related to our digital will (what will happen to our online life after our death), as well as actions on social networks to naturalize a reality with which we all live: death .

The project is from a Spanish agency based in San Francisco (Free Range Puppies that, together with the Catalan Lideralia, and financed by 800 private microinverters, intend to make a good niche for themselves in this category.