Windows PDF reader is going to die, these are the best alternatives

All the ways to convert a Word to PDF and vice versa

Windows PDF reader is going to die, these are the best alternatives

5 best websites to go from Word to PDF and vice versa.

It is a very common situation: they have passed us a PDF and we need to pass it to .doc to be able to edit it in our Word or in our favorite text editor. Even the reverse situation is also very common. The solution is very easy, as there are many programs that do just this.

We can do both through Microsoft Word itself, but it can be the case that we are not at home and therefore we do not have any computer at hand. Then we will have to resort almost 100% to a platform on-line to do the work for us.

How to go from PDF to Word and vice versa with Microsoft Word

If we are in front of a computer, the best without a doubt is to use Microsoft Word (if we have it). It works both to go from Word to PDF and from PDF to Word.

Go from PDF to doc with Microsoft Word

If we have a PDF and we want to edit it, Word offers us the possibility of opening it as an editable document. For this we go to Windows Explorer, look for the specific file and click click right with the mouse. The program will warn us that the format transformation process may take a few minutes. The more graphics you have, the later.

Go from doc to PDF with Microsoft Word

If the previous step was simple, this is even more so, since only we will have to open the document and save it as PDF. Here we have two options: either we do it with the Save As option or we do it using the Export button. The result will be the same, so regardless of what we choose it will be the same.

5 sites to convert Word to PDF and PDF to Word

It should be noted that there are websites that I personally vetoed. This is because it directly asks us to register or because the file does not reach us until after 24 hours. Why use a service that takes more than a day if there are others that take only a few minutes? The same we could think with those who need registration, since there are many who do the task perfectly without asking us for any requirement.



With this web portal we can convert from PDF to Word and any other compatible format (Powepoint, Excel and JPG, in addition to performing other functions). There is no limit. That is, we will be able to carry out all the conversions that we want, that we will not have to pay for the service. It will remain free even using them every day for various documents.

Go from Word to PDF with I PDF

Free PDF Converter


Free PDF Converter is not only a good option because it does the homework, but also allows us to save the document directly to our Google Drive. That is, we can not only download it locally but we can also add it to the document library of Google storage.

Go from PDF to Word with Free PDF Converter


With To PDF we can convert any file to PDF, in addition to being able to transfer a Word or almost any other format (of the most typical ones) to PDF. This specific tool allows us to go to both .doc and .docx, so we have a little more freedom. We can go up up to 20 files at the same time and convert them all to the same format simultaneously.

Convert a Word to PDF with To PDF

Convert my PDF to Word

Convert my PDF to Word only allows us to go from PDF to Word and not the other way round, unfortunately. However, it allows us not only to import documents from our computer, but also we can do it from Google Drive and from Dropbox. When exporting, we can download it locally or send it by email.

Go from PDF to Word with Convert my PDF to Word

Convert PDF to Word

This tool is very basic, but allows us to convert a PDF to .doc, .docx and plain text. We will not be able to do it in batch or through Google Drive or of course through Dropbox. Still, it allows us to use OCR (text recognition) on scanned documents, so it adds a plus.

Convert PDF to Word with Convert PDF to Word

Just as Microsoft Word allows us to do it if we are on a computer, other office packages also allow us to do it ourselves, although they are few.