Alphabet, Google's parent, would launch company for its self-driving cars, according to report

Bloomberg Business today publishes an article based on an unidentified, anonymous source pointing to Google's parent company Alphabet launching an independent company for its self-driving cars over the next year.

In addition, it would begin to earn income at some point by offering its travel rental service, having for it a range of cars, both large and small, that could start offering their trips in more closed environments, such as university campuses or even areas of corporate offices.

In this way, sooner rather than later the offer of self-driving cars becomes real, which could compete directly with the services of Uber and Lyft, and even with traditional taxis.In this sense, Uber is also investigating about being able to offer travel rental services through self-driving cars, and even manufacturers are developing semi-autonomous technologies that they are implementing in their new models and are also experimenting with what is called shared mobility, according to said article.

The anonymous source asked not to be identified because the plans that Bloomberg Business echoes today are private, so in this regard, now it only remains that Alphabet can pronounce on it.

Finally, it should be noted that Google's self-driving cars have already traveled some 1.6 million kilometers on public roads, most of them in the cities of San Francisco and Austin, Texas, so according to said source, it is It is likely that the service can begin to be offered in both cities.