Alphabet Partners with Dexcom to Build Diabetic Devices

It is not the first time that Google has thought of solutions for diabetics, remember the contact lenses we saw in 2014, capable of easily measuring glucose levels.

Now Alphabet (the new owner of Google) is associated with Dexcom, a company specialized in this disease, so that, together with the Life Sciences department (a company that is now part of Alphabet, together with Google), they build new generation devices, cheaper, smaller and more effective.

We see it in the press release, where they indicate that these new products will incorporate Google's miniaturized electronic platform and DexCom's sensor technology.

One of the objectives is to be able to obtain data generated by the products to improve results and reduce the cost associated with diabetes care.

Andrew Conrad, current team leader Life sciences Alphabet (who may be the next CEO of Life Sciences), said they want to bet on expanding control options so diabetics can proactively manage their health.

The products will be designed to be disposable, always thinking of displaying information in real time, connecting the devices in the cloud to be able to properly manage the data.