Alternatives to delicious that allow us to import our links

Alternatives to delicious that allow us to import our links

After the news of the closure of delicious it is important that we know alternatives that allow us to save the links of our account quickly and efficiently.

Here I leave you with some options, I will expand them with your suggestions.

One of the best known alternatives. After registration, all you have to do is go to so that your delicious links are imported automatically.


Consulted this post informing about how we can import our links from delicious to evernote.


In licorize they recently explained how we can import delicious links. The free version can be used as a link store, paying a monthly fee can also serve as a project management system. Thanks Sergio for the link.

Google Bookmarks

We can import the delicious links into google bookmarks. On they released a code to perform this process, with an option on the web to perform the import. You can also follow the guidelines on

It allows importing the export file generated in delicious. Although if there is a lot of data they may consider that you are spamming … they will surely increase the limit after the news.


Open source solution that we can install on our server. Very similar to delicious, with the possibility of importing the data.


Another open source solution that we can install on our servers, having absolute control of our data, without fear of being closed some day. Thanks Ka for the link.

It allows importing the delicious links in a simple way (inside tools / import), although it only does it from the last 100. I suppose they will expand the limit shortly …

A very interesting alternative, with the possibility of importing delicious data. The free version is limited to 300 links.

Create a visual, dynamic and personalized desktop of our favorite pages, with the possibility of creating common projects (folders) that we can share with other people.

It has a tool to import bookmarks from browsers and from your Delicious account, a tool that will be published on its website for the next few hours.