Amazon Echo is now available for reservation to any user in the United States

Last November we echoed the launch of Amazon Echo, the voice assistant through a physical device developed by Amazon with the aim of allowing users, through different voice commands, to request different types of information, which will be obtained through the web. At that time, access to purchase this device was accessible only by invitation at the price of $ 199.

Seven months later, Amazon opens the possibility that any user in the United States who wishes, can acquire an Amazon Echo unit without the need for invitations, being able to reserve it today, which will begin to be sent from 14 of July.

During all this time, Amazon Echo has evolved to offer more features and improve existing ones, also including within the concept of the Internet of Things, so that in addition to being able to request and obtain information in many aspects, users can also control via voice The lights and other connected devices, although for this, they will also have to make additional outlays to acquire new compatible equipment, such as the Belkin Wemo plugs and the Philips Hue smart lighting system, among others.

It also includes support for Pandora, Audible and Amazon Prime Music, as well as for IFTTT, Google Calendar, among other possibilities.

The cost of Amazon Echo will be $ 179.99. Remember that Amazon Echo is a circular device that has seven microphones to capture voices from anywhere in the room, also having two speakers to broadcast 360 audio so that it reaches any point in the room.