Amazon launches Amazon Acoustics, an exclusive collection of music themes

Amazon is not yet immersed in the fight to gain a significant market share in the segment of music streaming services, although that does not mean that it does not launch initiatives like the one they have presented today with the launch of Amazon Acoustics, a collection Music that currently has more than 30 original acoustic recordings, which will be available to all Amazon Prime subscribers through the Prime Music application on Android, iOS, Fire devices, Amazon Echo speakers, and even through from the web at

It is also possible to purchase the themes of the collection for a limited time through the Amazon website, according to the company, and even Amazon users will be able to enjoy these themes during their shopping session on the Amazon website through the reproduction of the same thanks to a pop-up window of reproduction.

Amazon has published in its announcement all the themes available in Amazon Acoustics, made by emerging artists as well as already established artists, the compositions belonging to both popular and recently created themes, whether they have been recently written or newly recorded.

It is a commitment by Amazon to offer exclusive content to its users, especially, taking into account the growing competition in the sector, despite the fact that Amazon still maintains this service as a background