Amazon limits the ability to share Prime subscriptions with other members

As we have already commented on some occasion, there are news that we know through the official announcements of the respective technology companies, but there are others that we know of when detecting differences in the same applications and services, even though they have not been announced. officially.

We have a new example of this on Amazon during the past weekend, a company that has applied certain limitations when it comes to sharing the Prime subscription with other people nearby. Keep in mind that it is not the first or the last initiative that Amazon takes to incentivize the use of Prime with the aim of gaining new subscribers.

Well, it turns out that until a few days ago, Amazon allowed Prime subscriptions to be shared with up to four more users through Amazon Household. Since last weekend, it will only be possible to share Prime subscriptions with only one other adult, although certain benefits reach children up to a total of four, without having the right to incur expenses, since they will only have access to content such as those available in your bookstore for Kindle or videos in Prime Instant. As noted on TechCrunch, the changes appear to be focused on making it possible to share Prime subscriptions only with more immediate family members.

With this, it will no longer be possible to share Prime subscriptions with other family members, with friends or study or work colleagues, among others, although the measure will not be retroactive except in those cases in which users make modifications, for which which new policies will apply to them.

In the case of coworkers, companies must join the Amazon Business program to have the advantages of this subscription modality, launched at the beginning of the year, with different solutions according to their needs.