alexa voice service

Amazon releases Alexa, its voice assistant present in the Amazon Echo

If you are a manufacturer and / or developer and you want the multimedia device you are working on to have Voice software that can answer usual queries such as the state of the weather, the traffic or what a certain word means, you can take advantage of the Alexa Voice Service (AVS), a voice assistant created by Amazon for your Amazon Echo device but that anyone interested can now download and implement for free in their own creations.

In essence, to use the service that is offered as Developer Preview but to implement an adaptation already made by a third party, it is enough that the device has a microphone to receive the commands, an audio output and that it is connected to the Internet. The magic, then, of AVS is to process on its servers what has been captured from the voice of the users and return it as audio responses that the developer and / or manufacturer will have at their disposal.

Basic scheme of a device working with Alexa Voice Service

They point out on Amazon that there are several advantages to using AVS: Adding features to the device, enriching its interface with an easy-to-scale solution thanks to the fact that it works with the cloud, making the implementation of the service comfortable by not requiring experience in understanding the language Natural (NLA) and being able to have it on hand for free.

Of course, it also stands out that a user can resort to the new functions of the device with AVS with actions as simple as pressing a button and proceeding with a voice command in the form of a natural question, e.g. e., what time is it?

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