Amazon updates Cloud Drive for Android with other basic functionalities

Amazon's independent Cloud Drive mobile applications have only been in existence for a few months, so throughout the successive updates they will take the optimal level of functionality to match the mobile applications of the file storage services in the cloud of rival companies, considering that this segment is another of the segments in which Amazon is betting heavily, where in addition, until recently, it had only mobile applications for specific functions within Cloud Drive.

So we should not miss the news that are included in the new update of Cloud Drive for Android, being already available through Google Play for Android phones and tablets from version 4.2 onwards.

In this sense, it now allows you to upload photos and videos from our reel, upload files from other cloud storage services, create and edit text files, create folders, move files between folders, and the possibility of downloading the original files in our phones or tablets. These are, of course, very basic features that were already slow to become available, although the term reel is striking, when in fact it refers to the galley of the mobile device itself.

It would not hurt to improve efforts to bring this version to the level it deserves, even more so in an increasingly competitive market where the rest of the majority of rival services already have greater functions from their mobile applications. While changes are welcome, it's also true that you must run to make this version competitive enough.