An application to remove "bad" and "almost duplicate" photos from our mobile

With the phones in hand we used to take several photos very similar to each other: the child almost jumping, the child in the air, the child landing, the child on the ground … it is easy that, after a few months, we have hundreds of megabytes of moved photos, many almost the same and others that, directly, do not focus anywhere.

Although the most disciplined are used to doing an effective cleaning every day, and others are used to doing automatic backup with google Photos and the like, most end up taking up all the space on their mobile phone with useless material, and this application helps to solve the problem .

Is about Gallery Doctor, application for iOS and android that uses algorithms to determine the photos that can be deleted, classifying them as you see in the screenshot above.

Available at, it handles three main activities:

1 – Identify bad photos: blurred, dark, of poor quality and similar to others. 2 – It allows the review of decisions, so it is always us who take care, in a tinder way, of deciding what is going and what stays. As we make decisions, the application learns from our tastes and make better decisions in the future. 3 – Clean, optimize and better manage our free space.

As you can see, it does nothing that cannot be done with time and patience, although precisely these two variables are the ones that are often lacking in our day to day.