An online guide to assertive communication strategies

An online guide to assertive communication strategies

This project, developed by the University of Illinois and the National Center for Education in Conflict Resolution in the United States, aims to serve as an educational tool for teachers to teach assertive communication strategies for Primary Education students.

On site, children will learn communication skills, active listening and how perception influences social relationships, through movies in flash format in which they can make decisions that will produce different consequences.

Its protagonists, Mara, Cliff, Jim and Ana, live situations that any child has ever experienced, such as receiving a gift that he does not like, feeling pressured by a teacher or fighting with his best friend, so he connects very easily with he user 6 to 10 years and allows their better assimilation of the information it presents.

The content is available in English, Arabic and Spanish. Although the voices in our language are not very well achieved, the activities are presented in a very clear and close way, with which the students can learn in a simple way how to face conflicts in a positive way.

Although it is a website specially designed to be used in the classroom, it can be very useful for psychopedagogues, social educators and child psychologists who work with children with behavior problems or who develop educational actions aimed at developing assertiveness and empathy.

Link: Lost, not knowing what to do