An original way to show a new music album on the Internet

George & Jonathan is a band that makes electronic music, a band made up of George Michael Brower and Jonathan Baken, created in 2005 and with several websites that help to know their work in an original way.

With the aim of presenting to the world his George & Jonathan III, they have created a site where each topic can be listened to at the same time that the notes are displayed in a three-dimensional panel that does not use Flash.

We can navigate the notes using the mouse, as well as a cursor with four cameras existing in the upper right. Each note can be represented with different colors, and they promise that there are special notes that appear from time to time.

As we listen to the songs on the album, we see that the effects can change, showing dogs coming out of holes in the third song.

At the bottom are the links to previous works, where we see that this custom is not new: each album has a different way of representing itself.

Of course, there is no lack of virtual mini-store to buy shirts, or contact details to hire them.

An interesting way to attract attention that has already started making noise on reddit.