An overview of advertising investment in 2011

An overview of advertising investment in 2011

Advertising has changed since the appearance of the Internet, we all know that, as well as the ever-changing and constantly changing dynamics of online advertising, which began with banners, continued with contextual advertisements and, today, we have social networks. such as the great new promises for the promotion and sale of products and services. Indeed, Facebook is currently considered the # 1 among the 10 Internet advertising platforms in 2011, but given the dynamics and evolution of social and advertising tools, there is a lot of room for growth, as well as potential business opportunities for everyone, This is demonstrated by Twitter, which is working on its own version of contextual ads, Google-style. As it is, the Internet does not stop growing in terms of attracting more and more advertising investment, but let’s see how the issue of the distribution of the cake of advertising sales is, segmented by media and that is accurately recorded in an infographic published by Mashable.

Global figures for advertising investment in 2011

To begin with, according to the studies carried out and made public by ZenithOptimedia, the global advertising investment will increase 4.2% in 2011 compared to the previous year, reaching 462,000 million dollars in 2011, of which 151,000 correspond to the American market.

Regarding the destination of the advertising investment by media and supports, the cake is distributed as follows: Television: 190,000 million dollars Newspapers: 93,000 million dollars Internet: 72,000 million dollars Magazines and other print media: 43,000 million dollars Radio: 33,000 million dollars Go to the public and other media: $ 31 billion

Obviously and following the exponential trend of previous years, the Internet is the medium with the greatest increase in terms of advertising market share, results based on the May 2011 results published in the IAB Revenue Report and the April 2011 eMarketer report. , according to the infographic. In 2009, online advertising revenues in the American market were 22.7 billion dollars, a figure that rose to 26,000 million dollars in 2010 and, which for 2011 is estimated to continue increasing, reaching the 28.5 billion dollars in 2011, presenting this year the best performance of all the first quarters, with a 23% increase in advertising revenues, compared to the previous ones. Of this total, it is estimated that 10% of the total of advertising investment on the Internet is intended for social media presence.

Who Manages Online Advertising Investment

Advertising agencies managed 25.8% of online advertising investment in 2009, a percentage that currently reaches 28%, but the distribution is not equitable, since of the total investment in online advertising, more than 60% is channeled by specialist agencies in the digital environment, to the detriment of traditional agencies, in which the online sector is just another area.As for social media, this trend is directly related to the profile of agency clients, with an overwhelming 59 % of advertisers who prefer to have the services of a boutique agency specialized in the area, instead of a traditional agency.

Where does the online advertising investment go?

In 2010, nearly half of online advertising revenue came from search; 46% exactly, followed by display advertising, which is nothing more than the presence on maps and networks such as Foursquare or Google Places and, in third place we have the classic Internet advertisements that with a 10% market share are beginning to descend as new formats appear such as Rich Media, opinion building, online video advertising, sponsorships and finally, someone who resists dying and maintains a heroic 1%, it is e-mail marketing.

Who’s Who in Internet Advertising

Classified in terms of reach or reach, which is the number of consumers who receive an advertising message during a period of time, the Media Matrix Ad Focus Ranking of January 2011 published by comScore places Google Network Ad as the undisputed leader of the network, with 91.3% reach, followed by Yahoo NetworkPlus with 85.5% and AOL Advertising with 85%.

Social media begins to gain ground

For the first time in this list, Facebook appears in tenth position with a 72.3% reach, a figure that will rise, considering that currently 25% of social media users interact with brands on these platforms and that 80% of them build networks of contacts on Facebook. In fact, Coca Cola reduced its global online advertising budget by 6.6% in 2010, but to allocate more resources to investing in social media.

Online videos, another rising trend

Judging by the data, video advertising or online advertising videos will continue its expansion and growth path, since as of January 2011, 45% of users in the American market declare that they consume online advertising videos, which makes a total 1.7 billion minutes, in January alone.

Investment in online advertising, there is still much to grow

Despite these enormous figures, the projections that the online advertising market has still has a lot to develop and grow, if we take into account that for every hour that an American citizen spends reading newspapers, advertisers spend 52 cents, against 12 cents for the same time of our user on the Internet and, the most incredible thing, Only 1 cent per hour on mobile Internet connections.