Analysis of a website in real time, importance and tools

Analysis of a website in real time, importance and tools

The analysis of our Web portal is essential not only to measure the impact of the work carried out on our target audience but, even more importantly, to identify new areas of interest and to optimize our online strategies so that the decisions adopted have effects. optimal in our business plan, thus, through the achievement of the partial objectives projected with each of our actions, we will be able to continue climbing positions until our final objective.

The importance of web analysis

However, it is advisable not to start the house by the window since In order to analyze the evolution of our Web portal, it is necessary to have clearly defined and established our objectives and actions.A very high percentage of the success of a Web portal is determined by the number of users who do exactly what was projected with each action, the higher the conversion rate, the greater the chances of success. In the same way, the return of new users and the transformation of these into users committed to our brand, has a direct relationship with the reputation and branding associated with both professionals and the brand that a corporate portal represents. are transformed into information and that, although it is not always easy to analyze correctly, the logical expansion of new tools and applications make this an activity that does not contain great complexity and without which the entire fabric on which our business is based will collapse by the dominance effect on all actions; marketing strategies that are not working well, ignorance of the habits and interests of our target audience, analysis of new trends that can be linked to the interests of our users and thus, a long etc. actions that are closely related to the efficient and real-time analysis of a Web portalCurrently there are specific software for the analysis of the statistics of a page on the Internet, the transformation of all the variables registered with each visit into information that is intended to optimize, update, modify or expand radios of action, it is the specific function of these programs.

Deep analysis higher quality, more requirements

The basic analysis focused on the segmentation of the visits that a Web page receives may be enough to determine aspects related to the content that is being offered, but if we delve a little more in relation to the objectives that a brand foresees when it launches an online business, we will realize that the current requirements force a much more exhaustive analysis where, the numbers and percentages respond to the efficiency of each SEO action and each marketing strategy adoptedIt is equally relevant that the interpretation we make of these numbers is the one that is closest to reality, comparing the data reflected with the objectives set at each stage is essential to analyze the development of the business. offer highly relevant information focused on loyalty and traffic conversion, they will provide you with valuable information to implement the changes necessary to reduce the abandonment rate, caused by the lack of response to the interests of users who enter and exit.

From local to global

Another aspect of great relevance is the analysis of the market with which our business is linked, It is essential to know both the competitor’s portals that derive traffic to ours, as well as the location of the users that make up our main traffic focus.This is the most efficient way to increase the presence of a brand on the Internet, eliminating borders and consolidating an ever-increasing loyalty rate.

Options to analyze the traffic of a web portal

Yahoo or Google, with their Analytics, have the largest market share in relation to the use of their free Web analytics platforms. At present, the monitoring of the statistics of a Web portal is carried out in real time and for this we highlight some tools of interest: – Chartbeat– Clicktale– Getclicky–– Clicky– Sitemeter– Mochibot– Jawstats– Shinystat consider different options for all needs, it is essential to bear in mind that once the data has been obtained, the main challenge consists of interpreting it properly and, essential, putting into practice the necessary modifications detected to achieve an increase in traffic and the loyalty of our public objective.

Social markers, great allies of segmented traffic, another way of analysis

But Web analytics is not only effective in the framework of SEO, social networks have contributed their own to this emergence of new businesses and social bookmarks are becoming great allies to achieve an increase in quality traffic to our Web portal.

Online tools allow the identification and access to highly relevant information that, applied under the criteria of constancy and commitment, achieve their main objective, which is loyalty and consolidation of an online business.

The main advantage of capturing traffic obtained through social bookmarks is their high level of segmentation and dissemination of high-quality content among a specific market niche.Within the main portals whose activity is focused on social bookmarking, we highlight the alternatives a delicious that we discussed a few months ago.Both Web analytics software and social bookmarks provide vital information to ensure that the actions carried out and that make up our business model, result in the progressive achievement of partial objectives, which is undoubtedly the most suitable path to success.