Anonplus, the "alternative" social network ??

Anonplus, the “alternative” social network ??

AnonPlus be an anonymous social network that is supposedly being managed in still very early stages. The website will appear as a counter response to the censorship that the Google plus account received, which was closed by Google because it violated the rules of the G + social network. AnonPlus is an initiative of Anonymous, a group of hackers who are willing to do anything in pursuit of the truth. They have already shaken several computer systems related to politics in Spain and their emblem is that the Internet is completely open and without censorship. Anonymous is a collective, let’s say, of the Robin Hood type, since it aims to overthrow traditional schemes, corruption, vice of public systems, using the Web as an indisputable resource. Even so, their way of proceeding is often seen as an attacker by many due to the trajectory that this group of people has had on the Internet. Anonplus is still in its infancy, it would be an open source project and everyone is invited to take part and begin to soak up the proposed objectives. With a clear welcome message, Welcome to the revolution, the foundation can be seen at and is very much of the fanzine or pamphlet type; that evokes the best style of a group of persecuted. History shows that many of these ideas, which are so persecuted in the beginning, tend to succeed in giving rise to new accepted forms in society. For now, we will have to wait. Update: It seems that they have suffered attacks from other hackers in the last hours, as reported in Gizmodo.