Answers, the analytics tool for mobile apps, now lets you create custom events

Twitter has launched a new version of Answers, its analytics service for mobile applications, which has celebrated its first year of antiquity this month since it was launched under the Crashlytics suite, although since February it has been operating as a separate product.

This new version will help mobile application developers to better understand how users are interacting through different actions and specific events thanks to the new feature called Answers Events, which allows them to create custom events according to what they need to monitor more closely.

In this way, developers will be able to influence specific user behaviors, being able to know all the details of them, which will give them the idea they need to know the performance that their applications are generating in specific aspects.

As an example, the developers will be able to know when users opted for the full versions of their applications, also knowing when they have opted for it, which currency they have used, among other variables, which will be displayed through the control panel itself, from which will also highlight those events or actions that are generating the most impact among users, offering the reports accompanied by small graphics that hint at the operation of the applications themselves.

The custom events feature is now available to interested developers, who only need to incorporate few lines of code into their applications in order to track their performance.