AnyCloud, unified access to our content available in multiple online services

In order to provide us with unified, private and secure access to our content available in our email accounts, social networks and cloud-based file storage services, in addition to those that have been shared with us, recently has launched AnyCloud, currently available in public beta.

We will not need to register to join AnyCloud, as we will access it by using our credentials on Facebook or Google+. Subsequently, we are left with the mission of starting to match some of the supported services, which will later facilitate access to our fingerprint in an easy and simple way, although that is, we must bear in mind that the characteristics we will obtain They will depend on the type of plan that we use, where we will have limitations in the free version, the one that we have by default when we begin to be part of the service, in terms of access to the types of files, the types of searches that we can carry out and the number of services that we can link, having to migrate to one of the two payment options to obtain all the characteristics that it can offer us, and also without advertising.

Also note that there are still a number of services that are not yet supported, precisely with Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, although in general terms, it supports some of the most outstanding online services within each category in which they are divided.

In addition to accessing our content, users can also interact by sharing any of them that we choose within the profiles that we have in other services that we have linked, being able to optionally add a message.