announces the availability of its application for HootSuite announces the availability of its application for HootSuite

The microblogging network known as paid Twitter, the result of a crowdfunding project through Kickstarter,, has just announced its integration into the HootSuite social media management platform, where users, by installing their own application, we will get three new columns in the tab we want, either in the current one or in a new one. These three new columns are My Mentions, Post Search, and My Stream.

In addition, it marks the necessary guidelines to be able to use your application through HootSuite, where it explains that we can write our status updates as always, selecting the option to publish to in the drop-down menu. Anyway, within the columns themselves, it gives us the necessary tools so that we can interact with the own status updates that appear in our chronological line, even allowing us to write our own status updates within them.

In this way, if we are users and manage other social profiles, we can already unify our activity within HootSuite. Recall that already allows users to have their free accounts, with quite a few limitations, whose invitations can be obtained thanks to premium users who share them through other channels, including through Twitter itself. Some technological publications have a profile on this social platform.

Link: Official announcement