Beats 1

Apple Music could have five additional radio stations in addition to Beats 1

We've already told you before about Beats 1, the radio station available on the new apple company streaming music service. As we have been able to read in The Verge, everything seems to indicate that Beats 1 could be just the first of the radio programs created by Apple.

Apparently, the company would be licensed to create up to five additional radio stations without having to renegotiate the terms of the agreement that has been reached with the different labels. If so, Apple could create additional radio stations targeting continents such as Europe or Asia, offering live content throughout the day at these locations (since Beats 1 only offers live music for 12 hours). In addition, depending on the source, the additional radio channels could be used to offer a more specific approach depending on where in the world they are directed.

Without a doubt, we are facing a movement with a lot of sense, especially if we consider the good reception received by Beats 1 since the launch of Apple Music on June 30. For the moment, the company has not made any type of statement in this regard, but we will remain vigilant for any possible news about the news.

Source: The Verge.