Applications in iTunes to keep the little ones distracted, or not so little

If you’ve bought an iPhone and want to keep the dwarfs entertained in the car, here are some options that don’t disappoint.

Do not press the red Button !: the prohibited attracts us all and this application tries to show it. It is not the best, but let’s say that if one is bored, it can get us some laughs. When a child, friend, family member, gossips your iPhone, Ipod Touch or Ipad and sees a red button with a message that warns of Do not touch, absurd as it may seem, nobody heeds that warning and clicks the button. What you will find is a tease that can last as long as your naivety goes.

The Karate Kid Game: the game of one of the summer movies.

Simon !: of a lifetime, put your memory to the test.

Break: do you remember that game in which with a ball and a bar that was moving from side to side we had to break the pieces that were being placed at the top of the screen? … here we have it. Perhaps the explanation seems somewhat complicated, click on the link and you will know the little game we are talking about, from those times!

The solitaire: I remember that when I was 15 years old and I had my first computer I spent hours and hours playing this game and, I can say without complexes, that it creates addiction, little word of honor.