Arkadium presents Games to play on the Facebook wall

Arkadium presents Games to play on the Facebook wall

One type of distractor that is moving the masses on Facebook are games, as Zuckerberg mentioned last September, that more than 200 million people are playing on Facebook, with a great growth trend, information that is very well used. by companies that know how to take advantage of these tastes.

Arkadium is a recognized company with many years of experience in this business, aware of these types of opportunities, which has clearly identified social networks as a niche of good prospects. Now introduces a new set of games, which allows the user to be able to play on the wall on Facebook.

This game developer company announced the launch of the suite Arkadium Stadium, which is made up of a set of 12 games, under flash technology, allowing the user to play directly from the wall and also to be able to easily send it to their referrals.

The application is quickly published on the profile and on that of your friends. The Co-founder Jessica rovelloHe explained that this way of playing games on the wall is a practice that users want to train, such as when clicking on a video or photograph.

This suite includes a puzzle, Sudoku, Tetris, collecting 52 cards, and a number more addictive games for healthy fun.

Now Facebook users can experience a practical way to get started in the game, even without having previous experience playing on this platform. Many companies of this line of business are betting their efforts on creating this type of fun, to gain a commercial advantage over their competitors and the profits that this can leave them.

Link: Arkadium Stadium | Goes: Techcrunch