ArreglaMicalle - citizens and municipalities solving problems together

ArreglaMicalle – citizens and municipalities solving problems together

If the city council forgets, the community does not That the emergence and exposure of the social has modified the uses and customs is a reality from which action reaction caused by the leap from the social to the real world, calling for new measures, adapted to the needs current and in pursuit of a better distribution of resources, it is being an incentive for those who are associated in specific communities that from the focus and unity are able to achieve an efficient management of resources. FixMicalle It is a Beta through which citizens and municipalities are on the path of solving the problems and incidents detected in each municipality. Intended as a meeting point for citizens but also for local administrations that achieve with citizen participation – the identification of incidents that must be resolved. With an activity of great relevance throughout the Spanish territory, ArreglaMical allows access through the completion of a form that will allow its users to record the deficiencies detected in their municipalities. Additionally, it has an area for city councils, allowing agencies through the registry to have access to unified complaints, which will give dynamism and efficiency to the solution process. The platform makes an online course available to city councils in which organizations are trained on social networks and the way in which they can be used as a means of communication with citizens.

– Unification of complaints – Monitoring and control of each one of them

They are the greatest strengths of this link between citizens and administration in the new cycle of active participation of society on the road to efficiency. Proof of this has been that Cutadania, the Catalan portal that includes the best initiatives of the network that allow citizens to make efficient use of new technologies has included ArreglaMicalle in its maps section where it informs citizens of current incidents in streets, neighborhoods and municipalities, a recognition of efficiency There is a version of ArreglaMicalle for Android 2.2 mobile devices or higher Finally, I leave you with a very interesting presentation on how to include complaints on our website.

If the City Council forgets the community, not the motto of fix my street, societies 2.0.