arrow launcher microsoft

Arrow Launcher, a stylish Microsoft launcher for Android still in testing

Without so much hype at Microsoft they work on Arrow, a new and elegant launcher for Android still in beta state but that anyone can try from its APK.

A screen of Contacts, one of Applications intelligently grouped (Recent and Frequent) and one of Notes and reminders (to instantly write down things to do, schedule them and mark them when they are solved) they compose their essential scheme that also replaces the app grid with a sliding panel where they will now be organized and grouped alphabetically.

Although there is no doubt its similarity in some sections with the Yahoo launcher, Aviate, the effort to supply productive tools to the main screen of the system and those that accompany it, for example, with a useful space of apps and contacts to be displayed By sliding the bottom panel up, in fact, it is under such a space that basic settings such as the feedback.

Speaking of configurations, there are very few available so far, however, it also stands out a whole section to modify the wallpaper to be displayed after the launcher: A dozen default backgrounds are offered, a button to add a locally stored one and an interesting option to allow the wallpaper to change daily with those of Bing.

The Google search bar is missing, although Google Now can still be displayed as usual (by sliding the start button -circle- upwards). Anyway, Arrow Launcher It is kept in a private beta phase, so you can request access to its details from your community on Google+ or test it immediately by downloading and installing your APK file, e.g. from APK Mirror.