Astronomy for everyone - to know the universe while having fun

Astronomy for everyone – to know the universe while having fun

Astronoma para todos is a website of the Councilor for Education of the Junta de Castilla y Len that presents interactive activities in flash format for students in infant, primary and secondary education.

For Infant Education students, the website offers online activities, classroom activities and a fun planets theater where children will expand their knowledge of the universe.

For the Primary Education Stage, Micaela and Sebastian, two nice astronauts, will guide children from six to twelve years old through space. With them, they will get closer to the history of astronomy and its most representative characters, learn techniques to observe the stars at night and participate in an exciting space race.

For the boys who study Secondary Education, the web offers the opportunity to enter the universe in the hands of four famous characters: Thales de Mileto, Albert Einstein, Neil Armstrong and Galileo Galilei.

The application is more dynamic and interactive for children under six years of age than for older ones, however, it remains a very original alternative to study the universe in Compulsory Education.