Augmented Reality applied in education

Augmented Reality applied in education

Education has been one of the topics that has been most affected by the emergence of the social Web. There is no doubt that a network like the current one, in which quality is consolidated as the philosopher’s stone that sustains it and built with words that symbolize knowledge and opinions, will be consolidated as a powerful platform that will end once and for all. all with old paradigms associated with biased information, a fact that has undoubtedly influenced educational processes. Approaches change And, from traditional education, the message that refers to how cyclical life is is rescued, there is no doubt that new technologies focus on the exaltation of dynamism and the consolidation of change as the central axis for comprehensive training, as well new technologies rescue the traditional principles of die-cutting, offering infinite options in the field of online sales, education, medicine or online training.

From die-cutting to our days the beginnings of augmented reality

If we go back in history to the first die-cut books, we will realize that the principles on which augmented reality is based are the same and although the possibilities of achieving more comprehensive educational models in which innovation and creativity are It always follows from empirical verification that they support a much more global knowledge, the main obstacle is found in the scarce knowledge that teachers still have about new technologies.Additionally, augmented reality is a technology that is beginning to penetrate the market thanks to the rise of smartphones and as a result of the exaltation of community purchases. We are therefore facing a great challenge that faces two obstacles in the way. road; On the one hand, the scarce teacher training in the framework of new technologies and, on the other, the scarce penetration of augmented reality in habits and customs, however, the latter according to how we look at it, can become a strength if teachers and students mentally integrate new technologies as a way of life and begin the learning path simultaneously.Let’s return to die-cut materials that allow a dynamic view of the content, which fostered learning processes and increased the introspection of change as the central axis of development. Increased quality allows the same, but with the advances of new technologies creating a hybrid reality in which the virtual environment is exalted to promote the real environment AR is essential in the new consumption model since it favors the shopping experience, eliminating one of the main obstacles to online shopping; the impossibility of the user to see and touch the item to be purchased. If we extrapolate the shopping experience to the learning process, we have the die-cutting again, but this time, the die-cutting 2.0; greater perception, greater interaction greater learning.

Augmented reality applied to education

Let’s imagine augmented reality applied to medicine; Today, linking virtual images to real objects allows great advances in medical science. In surgery, the possibility of the surgeon to visualize the affected area through augmented reality has confirmed a decrease in the adverse effects of surgery. learning of a military nature, the increased quality is applied to the simulators, making the empirical acquisition of knowledge and skills more real: architecture, eye surgery, navigation devices, industry, ecology, geology and obviously child education according to ocular learning criteria and auditory, exalting thanks to augmented reality – innovation and creativity as qualities inherent to the individual.

Reading comprehension and augmented reality, essential in the educational process

Finally, and it is not a minor issue, augmented reality begins to be at the forefront of interest by those responsible for education, mainly due to its efficiency in relation to the reading comprehension process, the basis of learning and without a doubt, essential for learning. In short, augmented reality will be implemented in all educational and training processes in the future, without any doubt, the combination between reality and the virtual environment, optimizes learning and activates essential areas of the brain to minimize the inefficiency of the traditional educational schemes.

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