AwareCar, a small device that will tell you where you have parked the car

It is likely that on more than one occasion you have not been able to remember where you have parked the car or have forgotten that you had left it in the blue zone, with the problems that this entails. For this reason, AwareCar, a device that seeks financing in Kickstarter and aims to help you avoid these problems, has caught our attention.

In general, AwareCar's approach is really simple: this small device allow us to locate our car thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and to the free app for iOS and Android that those responsible for the project are developing. To do this, we just have to keep it inside the vehicle (they recommend the glove compartment of the car), where it can stay up to a year taking into account the autonomy it provides. As we have already told you, one of the main objectives of AwareCar is to inform us about where we have parked the car. In addition to showing us the information on Google Maps, the device is capable of transmitting its signal up to 20 meters away, so If you are near the vehicle and do not remember exactly its position, the app will alert you to it and you can check its exact location. Another advantage of AwareCard is that it also knows if you have parked in a blue area (only in certain cities). If so, the app will ask you to enter the time for which you have paid in the parking meter, so that I can send you a notification when time is running out.

There is no doubt that we are dealing with a rather interesting gadget, especially if we consider that its price is only 9 dollars. Those responsible for the project are currently trying to raise $ 15,000 to bring AwareCar to life. With 29 days to go until the crowdfunding campaign ends, they have already raised more than 3,000.

Next, we leave you with the video of the campaign:

Link: Kickstarter.